IAI APAFest 2019 - Readiness of Future Millennial Accountants in Creation of Leading Human Resources Towards an Advanced Indonesia

Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia (The Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants/IAI) is hosting the Aspiring Professional Accountants Festival (APAFest) 2019, as part of the Institute continuous efforts in preparing the future millennial accountants to be next Professional Accountants in Indonesia. This program is inline with the Indonesian Government’s strategy in creating leading human resources towards an advanced Indonesia, serving as the catalyst for the country’s goal of Indonesia Emas 2045.

More than 1,500 selected accounting students from universities all over Indonesia. The students are participating in various activities such as: career fair (more than 1,200), APA Championship/APAChamp (more than 200), Chartered Accountant (CA) scholarship selection (120), National APA Award and APA Best Paper. These participants have succesfully went through the Institute pre-event selection process and earned their position as finalists for the respective activities, with the final to be conducted at the Mainhall of the Indonesian Stock Exchange/Bursa Efek Indonesia.  

IAI APAFest is the Institute’s annual event, serving as a platform for high-achieving accounting students from all over Indonesia to display their accomplishments, creativity, and academic competence. The participants will compete to be the best and seek opportunities to connect with IAI’s Corporate Partners as their potential future employers.

APAFest is a strategic program of IAI, aiming at development of young generation of Indonesian accountants, preparing them to contribute to national economic development. APAFest consists of career and reecruitment fair, student business competition, inspiring session, and Chartered Accountant (CA) IAI scholarship test. Starting 2019, IAI is conducting the National APA Award, a pageant for high-achieving accounting students.

APAFest 2019 was officially opened by the President of the IAI National Council/Vice Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. Mardiasmo, with participation from prominent speakers such as Helmy Yahya, CEO of TVRI, IAI National Council, and national entrepreneurs and business practitioners.

President of the IAI National Council, Prof. Mardiasmo, highlighted the importance of IAI APAFest as a program designed to build and facilitate essential linkage between selected employers and the best accounting talents in Indonesia. IAI APAFest facilitates creation of a profitable mutualistic symbiosis between the industry, students, and IAI as the professional accountancy organization in Indonesia. According to Prof. Mardiasmo “Positioning the best talents to be at the best entities will lead to creation of leverage for the national economy and development of the accountancy profession in Indonesia”.

The term Aspiring Professional Accountant or APA is officially used by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), depicting the important role of accounting students as future Professional Accountants who will take their role in a dynamic global business world. IAI APAFest aspires to drive creation of strong connections between all the parties.

APAChamp Business Competition

As part of APAFest, the event will also host the semifinal for APAChamp, a business competition exercise for the best accounting students in Indonesia. 38 teams from 38 universities in Indonesia, consisted of 190 students, will participate in the exercise. Elly Zarni Husin, Executive Director of IAI believes participants of the APAChamp are the future Professional Accountants who will take up their role as the future of financial sector in Indonesia, driving the Indonesian economy towards a new milestone.

As an organization for the accountancy profession in Indonesia, IAI is responsible for development of accounting, business management, public knowledge and practice, with orientation on ethic and social responsibility in Indonesia. Professional Accountants as competent individuals in presenting financial information for executive decision making are expected to contribute further to the achievement of a more efficient market in the country.

One of the objectives of IAI APAFest is to contribute to the creation of an efficient market in Indonesia. IAI aspires to link up the best accounting talents in the country with prominent entities in Indonesia and the region. Through this program, IAI seeks to build a supporting mechanism which eventually will lead to creation of a more transparent and accountable business environment in Indonesia.

IAI APAFest 2019 consisted of a career fair with 20 participating institution and more than 1,200 qualified participants. 38 teams from 38 universities from all over Indonesia participates in the APAChamp. Whilst the national APA Award will clash 8 of the best accounting students, handpicked from many potential students in the country. Finalists for the best paper are chosen from 41 papers that have been submitted for selection. Finally, 130 participants of the CA scholarship also participate in the IAI APAFest 2019.

For more information about IAI and IAI APAFest2019, please contact +62 21 31904232 ext. 626 or visit www.iaiglobal.or.id.

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