Budgeting Practices and Cash Flow Forecasting Techniques


Be it short term or long term-budgeting and cash flow forecasting are one of the two most important activities in any organisation. This is because an effective budget and cash flow forecast will provide a feasible analysis of the company.
As you plan out your business and determine your budgeting, the correct techniques will enable you to meet your company’s corporate strategy in terms of implementing an effective budgeting resource plan. Through this programme, you can be sure to understand the details involved in the budgeting system, in order to carry out your major budget activities appropriately.



Participants will learn the following:
• The budget planning process; preparation, review and control.
• Implement company’s budget successfully.
• Link budget to business or operating plan.
• Explore budget planning to achieve strategic goals.
• Preparing cash flow and resolve cash deficit.
• Steps in measuring actual progress against company target.
• Recognise the importance of human behaviour affecting the budget

Durasi : 2 Hari | 16 SKP
Hari,Tanggal Pelaksanaan : Kamis - Jumat, 12 - 13 November 2020
Tempat Pelaksanaan: Grha Akuntan, Jl Sindanglaya No 1 Menteng Jakpus
Fasilitas : Sertifikat, Softcopy (Flashdisk) dan Hardcopy, Makan siang dan Coffee Break, Training Kit
Biaya : Rp. 2.900.000,00 (Anggota IAI), Rp. 3.250.000,00 (Non Anggota IAI)
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